Nothing Like Dropping Off the Face of the Earth

Yeah, so you might be wondering what the heck happened to me. Last Thursday I sounded so full of promise and crap. Yeah well for once I would like to have a weekend free that doesn’t wind up with me being sick. I’ve been sick every month this year so far (a cold in January, food poisoning in February, and now an upper respiratory infection of some kind in March).

Thursday night I was all full of promise until about 7 o’clock when I decided I wasn’t going to work out because I kept feeling crappier and crappier. Friday I felt absolutely terrible. And Saturday I decided that I wasn’t going to be miserable to two weeks and broke down and went to the urgent care center. Which is about pointless because my doctor was an absolute bitch. I had to ask what was wrong with me, because she clearly wasn’t going to tell me. I thought she was more than a little rude.

So needless to say-all those big plans I had on Thursday went totally out the window. I got next to nothing done. Which sucked big time. Maybe I can get some stuff done tonight after my doctor’s appointment. Then next Tuesday I have a dentist appointment. And this Friday I have more freaking jury duty. Hopefully that gets cancelled!


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