As I may or may not have mentioned on here before, I suffer from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, a form of hypothyroidism. It really sucks because it slows your metabolism waayy down, causing you to gain weight. It also makes you feel utterly exhausted all the time. I could seriously have slept for 15 to 20 hours everyday. Before I got on medicine. It took me a while to get a doctor to even diagnose me, then give me proper treatment for it, and now it finally seems that I have found the proper dosage to stay at for a while. Which means hopefully I will start seeing results when I work out instead of gaining 12 pounds in 6 months, like my second to last visit went. This past visit went much better, seeing as how my weight held steady (with little to no exercise).

Now if I could just officially shake this cough. It gets less and less everyday, and I do plan on starting up again with my working out and running soon. Very soon. My goal this month is to lose 10 pounds, which may seem far-fetched, but I’m hoping since I have been eating better, and now the combination of working out regularly, I can make it. I’m just over it all and ready to not be asked when my baby is due or do I know what I’m having. Also-shorts, here I come.

I don’t know why I feel comfortable talking about this on here with a bunch of internet strangers, and not letting my IRL friends know about my goal. Maybe because I’m afraid they will most likely make fun of me for it? Or I think they will make fun of me for it? It’s hard to say.

I’m hoping as well that it doesn’t start raining on my way home tonight. Even though it’s getting awfully cloudy outside. And it’s fairly windy as well, but moderately warm. I can’t wait for tax season to be over with and for day light savings time to end so it stays lighter longer outside and I can BE outside and run after work, instead of getting stuck on a stuffy old treadmill.


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  1. pat Lyman says:

    omgosh, you don’t know how much this article helped me!! i have been ill for FOUR YRS. now, with terrible fatigue, could have slept all day, gained 20 or more pounds, and have terrible, excruciating bone/joint pain in my feet, toes, ankles, knees, hips , low back and wrists and fingers. IT is like a migraine all over my body and it is relentless. I have to be on pain management meds. NO Doctor had done more than my TSh and that only ONCE in four yrs. i have suffered more than i can tell you, but i know that you understand exactly what i’m going through. A very long story short, i went for a routine physical 3 months ago, and found out my triglycerides were sky high, and my cholesterol what high!!! I just sat there and cried and said to my doc “what is wrong with me”? i have been a runner all of my life… six miles a day!! so my doc started to say it is probably genetic… i could not believe it… i believed it was connected to whatever is making me ill. i am a nurse also, and was not going to give up. i went home, spent the whole weekend searching what can make triglycerides elevate… it brought me to many things, including Hashimoto’s…. now i have told my docs right along that i think i have an autoimmune disease, so they did the usual work up and my sed rate and c-reactive protein, which show inflammation in the body, were high off and on but not consistently, so they did not think it was autoimmune. i Still thought it was and that i’m Loaded with inflammation and pain. FINALLY i looked up endometriosis which i had until menopause. i had a very severe case of it… it was everywhere in my body. i read that they are now considering that an autoimmune disease and that 42 percent of women who have/had it, also get Hashimoto’s. SO, i looked up Hashi, and i had EVery single Sympton!! i called my doc, had my TSH done… it was 5.7 which the new level now is .3 to 3.0, and my doc still goes by the old level of .5 to 5.0. so she didn’t see it as high, but since i had every symptom she did the T3 and T4, and the T4 was very low…. then she did a TPO at my insistence, to see what was causing the hypothyroid, and it showed Hashi. i was HAPPY and SAD all at once. i was on 25mcg to start, for 2 months with not much change. now she put me on 50mcg and i’m starting to feel more “mental” energy, and a little less fatigue. i had taken 3 weeks of from fast walking, as i realized i was just killing myself and not losing ANY wt, and in fact GAINING. now that my wt. remained stable for the 3 weeks i was off exercise, this week i started fast walking again, and doing some pilates on off days…. i’ve LOST 3 LBS. and i’m very excited but am afraid to get Too excited incase it goes up again. I really think that the med is starting to work though, and that my wt. is going to start going down. Thank you so much for posting your story. i’m sorry i wrote a “book” but it is So nice when i find somebody that is going through what i am. I pray that you feel better and lose your wt. too. I’m still napping but only for about an hour twice a day. How much med. are you on? do you have pain? would you mind keeping me updated? you can even email me anytime. Feel well and keep exercising!! Pat:)

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