Seriously, could this work day go any freaking slower? I’m about ready to pull my hair out! I just want to get out of here and head to St. Charles for Friday night yoga. And then possibly some shopping. Because that’s just how I roll.

I don’t know if my BFLT and I will be hanging out tonight, since my phone apparently did not charge all the way last night and it died a little while ago. I also do not know for certain if M is going to be out-of-town this weekend or not, since he just can’t seem to make up his damned mind.

Because that’s not annoying or anything.

So I’m finally going back to yoga class tonight and that really excites me, because tonight is handstand night, so I’m guess we will be working on a lot of handstand poses. And I need those to help work on these things I have attached to my body called arms (except mine look a little more like ham hocks they are so huge!).

This weekend is going to be another busy one. Hopefully I will have time to complete everything I want to get done, and not have to push it off until later. I don’t have too much cleaning to do, other than a little laundry and dishes, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I could probably knock out the rest of it fairly quickly and give myself time to work on the many projects that I have piling up everywhere!

Here’s to a great St. Patty’s day weekend!


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