So I woke up this morning not feeling 100% the greatest and now I’m not certain whether or not I am suffering from allergies or a cold. I am however suffering from craptastic people syndrome.

What is wrong with people that they think it’s ok to blurt out inappropriate things to random strangers? I went to McD’s for lunch ( I know I know!) and was in the drive through getting my food when the lady who always works the drive through window goes, “You ain’t had that baby yet? You must be feeling AWFUL!”.

Yes, she did.

And no incase anyone is wondering, I’m not pregnant. Just fat.

So here I sit thinking-what the hell? I don’t EVEN KNOW YOU! Why on Earth would you say something like that to someone? Especially if you really have no clue whether or not that person might be pregnant or not. Keep your mouth shut folks! I get that I’m fat-trust me I do. I know I have habits that I need to change (such as no McD’s) in order to get rid of said fatness. I don’t need people reminding me of it every five minutes.

And I certainly don’t need the embarrassment of having to say, “I’m not pregnant.” And then the best part is when they say, “Oh-are you sure?”

Yeah, I think I am pretty fucking sure I’m not with child, thanks.

So there went my moderate happiness for the day. Right out the window, because hey, now I DO feel awful, and not because I’m knocked up. I’ll just take my bag of food and my drink and go eat my feelings some more thanks. Ugh, manners kids, manners. Parents of the world-teach them to your children.

And while I’m at my little hate-the-world rant, let’s bring up last night’s bucket of crazy. Block is probably going to have to have people fill out the same questionnaire to get your taxes done as you have to fill out before you get a piercing or tattoo. Because clearly people are not paying attention to what they are signing. Whether this be from them just being plain dumb or because they are under the influence. It’s ridiculous! I tried explaining to some lady for 30+ minutes last night that she did not do or experience the stuff she was claiming to have done/experienced. And she did not get it one bit. I was making no progress with this chick. SO FRUSTRATING!! Especially because being super polite and nice and not being a sarcastic bitch is so hard sometimes.

Really, it is.

So now-on my night off- I have to go back to Block and try to explain to the office manager what the hell this chick is ranting and raving about, and hope that she can make her understand the exact same things I told her, so she quits spazzing out.

Come on, folks. People just really need to get it together sometimes.


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