Setting Goals for the Weekend

Finally it’s almost the weekend, and I actually have Saturday off, thank the lord!

Although we will be doing the casino hop for my Dad’s birthday this weekend. He loves going to the casinos (it doesn’t hurt that he has the cash to drop like that if he wants to), so for the past few years we have been going to the casinos to celebrate with him. We make a whole day of it, and last year even rented a limo to cruise around in. Makes you feel super special when you roll up to the casino in a limo!

I’m working on goal setting for this weekend. I don’t have a whole lot planned, so I’m thinking my goals should be fairly easy to attain. First up is Friday night yoga. I want to hold my handstand (assisted) for 10 seconds. Last week I would get up and then almost immediately have to come back down because my super weak  upper body was shaking so hard I thought it was going to give out on me! Saturday my goal is to get in a two-mile run. Since I am feeling much, much better today than I was yesterday, I can only hope that I am on an upswing and will be feeling even better by Saturday morning. Also on tap for Saturday-get the freaking dishes washed! My kitchen is a nightmare, honestly.  So bad…

Sunday, I think M is going to go ride four wheelers with the guys, so I should have the house to myself for the day. Which means I will be able to knock out the remainder of the cleaning in a couple of hours and then just focus on things like laundry and sewing. I do plan on going to yoga Sunday morning, and possibly trying to squeeze another run in (either before yoga or after). My goal for Sundays class is to touch both my heels in Camel Pose (if we do that) and to not chicken out on so many planks and down-dogs.

I actually finished a pinterest project I’ve been working on for the last couple of days today:

I used embroidery floss and a simple friendship bracelet knot (that I remembered from the old school high school days) and wrapped my plain, boring headphones to create some pretty kick-ass looking ones. It’s also supposed to help combat the tangled shit pile that headphones some how magically become whenever you leave them in your car, purse, pocket, etc…

My headphones were the SkullCandy brand and it took almost a whole skein of the light blue to do the main cord, and maybe half a skein or so on the individual cords. Very easy.


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