May the Odds

Be ever in your favor!

Friday  night I didn’t make it to yoga because M really wanted to go see the Hunger Games movie, so that’s what we did instead. It was a good movie, but I felt like they left out some pretty important parts. But it was also nice to see the behind the scenes, so to speak, of what was going on other places while the tributes were in the arena. And there were definitely some stars in the film portraying characters that I didn’t realize were in the movie. Woody Harrelson played Haymitch, and Elizabeth Banks was Effie. So that was kind of neat. It wasn’t too graphic, but there were still some scenes that made you cringe a little bit.

Other than the crazy long line and the fact that people were being dicks about seat, the movie goer drama was kept to a minimum. So it was a good time. M was disappointed in how the movie stacked up to the book, but it was too terrible bad. He will probably go see the other ones 🙂

Saturday I did a little laundry, and fixed the BooBoo dogs bed and everything. So that was fun. We went out to play a little bit before heading out to my Dad’s Birthday Casino Crawl, but I got the bumper hung up in a tree so that put an end to that pretty quick. Once M got home we headed to my parents house and hit up the casinos. The first place we ate at for lunch was Sammy Hagar’s Beach Bar & Grill (or Cantina or something). I had the beach burger with cheddar cheese, honey mustard, onions, and grilled pineapple with bacon. OMFG! Delicious!! Then for dinner we went to Pearl’s Oyster Bar and I had the crab leg boil. Again, so good!

Sunday I got up, washed the dogs, went to yoga, then picked up dog food and a few groceries and headed home to start the roast. Then I made the mistake of turning on the TV and got sucked into hours worth of bullshit programming. So ridiculous. I know better than to turn on the TV when I have a ton of stuff to do. Alas, I didn’t listen to myself. So now, I have tons of laundry just waiting to be finished up. And dishes. And the floors need to be cleaned.

Also-yesterday, before I knew I didn’t have to work at Block last night, I stopped at Taco Bell and got one of those Doritos tacos. OMG! My first bite I swear I saw Jesus playing in a meadow surrounded by puppies. I highly recommend trying one if you love TBell and Doritos.


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