That would be “Thank God it’s a 4 Day Work Week”

Seriously, the previous owner’s of the company were Catholic, so we get Good Friday off. WooHoo! My weekend was really nothing to write home about. No running, no yoga, and I didn’t accomplish hardly anything I wanted to. I need a serious motivational kick in the pants 😦 I did get to hang out with my BFLT, which is always a good time. We had dinner at Chevy’s and then hit up the Nail Spa for a pedicure for me (MUCH needed) and she got her nails done. I love having her as a best friend, even though we are pretty much polar opposites πŸ™‚

Saturday I didn’t have to work, or really be anywhere so I got up and sorted laundry and started some, as well as stared for a little bit at the disaster that is my kitchen. Then I decided to head to the Schwan’s truckload sale that a friend of mine’s 4-H group was putting on, but first I’d go next door and see if they wanted/needed anything from the sale. Big mistake! I wound up staying over there for almost 3 hours! I finally got to the sale, and bought a few things, and then headed home. Then because I was feeling an allergy head ache coming on, I took a shower and a nap. So then I got up and tried to run some more laundry and wash at least SOME dishes-even though I wasn’t that successful at that. Then M finally got home from work (homeboy worked some serious overtime this week and weekend), we had dinner and crashed.

Sunday, I got up, made breakfast, and then we headed over to my Grandparents house to unload the brush hog my dad had bought for his tractor. After hanging out there and leaving with some expired mini muffins (thanks Granny!), I went home and tried to clean some more (didn’t happen), and took yet another weekend nap. Then I got up and got semi productive, made a dent in the dishes, and made dinner (which I will be enjoying the leftovers of for lunch today!).

All in all, not a bad weekend. Could have been 100% better though. I can’t belive I only posted once last week. What a bummer. Oh well, here’s to April and new beginnings!


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