Honestly I need a class on witty blog post titles. I’m at a total loss for them most days. I was supposed to have a photo shoot after work today, but it looks like perhaps the client wants to reschedule since there is a slight chance of rain in the forecast. Which is no big deal. I’m cool with that. I’ve been super bored at work today-no bueno. Probably since I actually worked most of the day instead of screwed around. Le sigh…

Since we are rescheduling the shoot, it means I can stop by M’s work and buy some ant killer and sticky traps for the mice. I know I talk about my love of animals, but there are times when I just have to draw the line. I’m cool with mice if they want to live outside and frolic in the wilderness-but the wilderness is not under my stove in the kitchen. And it is definitely not cool to run across the tops of my feet when I am searing a pot roast! As for the ants-I do not understand how they get in the house and how they only wind up in the pantry. But I had to throw away a bunch of sugar and ALL the cereal. Little bastards! I hate them with a passion.  Lucky for me, M’s work sells an ant bait/poison that they carry back to their little nest and it helps get rid of them. Third thing I hate-spiders. I’m cool with them as long as, like mice, they stay outside and off of me! One thing M needs to do-spray the house for spiders.

I’ve got a lot to do this evening-so in a way, I guess I’m a little glad that my client wants to reschedule. I can’t wait for the work day to be over so I can chill at home. I will probably make some of the new fish I got from the Schwan’s sale on Saturday with some rice and asparagus. I LOVE asparagus! Especially with a little olive oil and garlic. Plus I bought some new rubs and one of them is and Asian Ginger Garlic rub. OMFG so good on the veggies! I’m in mad love with them. The manufacturer is called Ellbee’s and they are local to Missouri, which is another thing I love. I throughly enjoy supporting local businesses when I get the chance. Makes me feel good about myself!


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