Two More Days

Only two more days of work and then a three-day weekend! So close, yet so far.

I had a good push getting some of the crap cleaned up in my kitchen. I got all my hamburger, steaks, and chicken cleaned up and packaged for freezing, as well as a decent chunk of the dishes washed and put away. Now just to finish up those and this weekend can be all about minimal chores and more about having fun and relaxing!

I noticed the other day that I really don’t have a style. Like a clothing style. I don’t think you can classify jeans and a t-shirt or hoodie a particular style. Well, I know what I like and what is visually appealing to me, I just don’t think I would look that great in those types of outfits would look that great on me right now. I’m constantly pinning super cute outfits I make in Polyvore to my My Style board on Pinterest. Yes I did finally join that obsession! Pinterest is actually pretty nifty when it comes down to it.

Something I really need to do this weekend is organize/clean out my closet. I have SO MUCH crap in there it’s ridiculous. Maybe I’ll spend sometime on that Friday since I have the whole day off.  I’m sure the floor needs to be vacuumed and mopped since it’s only been a year or so since I did that last (in my closet-not my whole house!).

I’ve got my race calendar pretty much set for this year. I probably won’t be doing any half’s this year, especially not the RNR STL. It was just such a terrible time! Maybe if they host the Cowbell Half in St. Charles again I might do that one. The race currently that surprises me in cost is actually the Zoo 5k.  It’s only $18 to register with early bird registration! I think that’s pretty sweet since most 5k’s between $20-$30 dollars around here.

So I’m looking forward to counting down the days until the end of tax season. Only 13 more days until it is all officially over (12 for me!). Can. Not. Wait!


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