Holiday Hangover

I swear-sometimes I hate holidays. You spend a whole day running around between  your families and it just wears a person out! Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my family and I had a great Easter, but I didn’t get a chance to do ANYTHING on Sunday that I needed to get done. So now, I have piles of crap waiting for me at home to do.

And another thing-I didn’t get any of it done on Saturday because I wound up working ALL freaking day when I was supposed to get off at 3. But I couldn’t because a couple of people were leaving early to go to church services. It just gets frustrating sometimes. By the time I got home all I managed to do was make dinner and then we sat around and watched some tv. Oh well, this is the last week of tax season so soon I will have my freedoms.

Friday night M and I went out to My Three Ladies Wine & Steak Haus. I had a delicious rosemary-apple smoked pork tenderloin. It was so good, even though it was a little on the dry side. I think that restaurant should do pretty decent in the small town it’s in.

Saturday I worked all day (boring!), and then did pretty much nothing when I got home. Sunday we woke up, headed to the in-laws, waited for my niece to “hunt” her easter eggs, and had breakfast. And then just kind of hung out for a while. Then I got home, found out my mother had nothing done, so I headed over there and helped them get ready for dinner, then had dinner, and then hung out more. THEN when I got home, I went next door for a little bit and hung out there.

So even though I had a super productive weekend planned-nothing really happened. And it pisses me off when I waste so much freaking time on people who are so unappreciative. Not ranting about my family-just some other stuff that happened this weekend that really just rubbed me the wrong way.


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