Sometimes I wonder about the thought process that people have that leads them to think that certain decisions they make are actually ok. Then I wonder how on Earth they’ve made it this far in life because of said thought process.


Tonight and Monday night are my last official nights of doing taxes and then I am freaking DONE for the season. Praise Jeebus! I hope tonight goes like last night, where I didn’t have to do anything other than make copies and check returns. I’m good with that. I can roll that way.

I’ll be so glad when I don’t have to worry about working so many stinking hours in one day. I will have time to get my dishes done. I will have time for running and exercising of sorts. I will have time for picture-taking and quilting and other stuff.

First thing I’m doing is getting a membership to Canine Country so the poor dogs can run their little hearts out and I can have access to my hallowed training grounds. Agility and dock diving. I’m so there. So glad I’m off this weekend. So glad the NRA convention is in the STL again so M has something to do that will keep him out of my hair for a while 😉 Love him to death but sometimes the kid makes me want to scream.

My parents got their pool opened this week. Not quite ready to swim in yet, but getting closer. Plus it’s a little chilly out. I wish Mother Nature would get off the crack and decide how she wants to roll this year. Are we going to have a miserable summer again or is it going to be semi tolerable? Who knows!



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