Happy Happy Joy Joy

Does anyone else remember that song from Ren & Stimpy on Nickeloden? Anyone? I vaguely remember it, but not all the words. Mostly just the Happy Happy Joy Joy part. And the fact that that particular show was kind of gross…

I’m a little less than halfway done with my work day and then on to my glorious weekend. I’ve got to get it together this weekend and just get shit done period.  I realize I probably post that about once a week. It’s just ridiculous how much crap gets in the way. And then it all gets in the way of the other stuff I want/need to do. I feel guilty if I leave to go workout and there are dishes in the sink, or if someone asks us to do something and even though I REALLY don’t want to go, I’ll feel bad so we wind up going. It’s just so damn frustrating. Although the past couple of days I’ve been coming home from after doing taxes and managing to get some crap picked up and cleaned up.

I’m just glad it’s Friday and I don’t have to worry about much this weekend. No family functions, no work, nothing. Just the shit I want to do!


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