Loverly Weekend

I had a pretty damn good weekend. I got the chance to do stuff I wanted to do, and didn’t have to worry so much about cleaning my house, since it has managed to stay fairly clean since last weekend.

I’ve managed to keep up on my dishes so I haven’t had a sink full of dishes waiting for me at anytime. So nice! Plus, I’m working on getting a touch more organized as far as everything else goes.

I can’t believe that April is already almost over, and that pretty soon it’s going to be summer time. It’s just so crazy! Hard to grasp almost.

I have my first 5k of the year (since the Valentine’s day run was four miles) coming up this weekend and I am looking forward to that. I’ve been trying to get out there and run a few nights a week but sometimes I am SO tired. I know that the more I work out and get into better shape, that I will have more energy and not be so stinking tired. All in good  time though.

I can’t wait for dockdogs season to really get kicking, and I’m excited for other things as well this year. I did manage to get a little bit of training time in with both dogs over the weekend and they are both about as out of shape as I am. It’s crazy what a few months of inactivity can do. It means I have to do better this winter, so they aren’t as bad next year.



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