Terrible Tuesday

Seriously, today is one of those days that makes me feel a little crazy. Everything seems to be driving me nuts today. For starters, I have to wear a bra that I absolutely hate! It’s a Victoria’s Secret multiway bra, and I think it totally makes my boobs look funny. As in, it looks to me like they point out to the opposite direction from each other. And I think they looked very smushed flat. Plus, even though it’s the size I typically wear, it is almost painful! I took the little gel pad things out and it’s fitting better, but still, I really just need to go get mine from the wash!

Secondly-my whole outfit is annoying me today. Pants, shirt, jacket, you name it, I kinda want to light it on fire. And don’t even get me started on my hair. I also kind of feeling like shaving my damn head today too.

But at least I’m not dragging ass today! I came home-made dinner, ate dinner, and then pretty much passed out for an hour. Then I had some cereal, and went to bed. I’m excited for lunch today. So far I’ve had some Doritos, and grapes, but for lunch I am having some delicious cheesy pasta with chicken. I made it with the Philly CreamCheese cooking creme. And then I also have a Chobani yogurt that I am going to try, since greek yogurts are supposed to be better for you. I suppose we shall see 😉

Since I’m not dragging ass, I’m planning on a two-mile run tonight, and then possibly the lean legs pyramid and the lean arms pyramid from Tone it Up. I really need to work on my upper body strength, because I pretty much have none. Zip. Zero. Somedays I’m surprised I can even bring a fork to my mouth!


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