Run.Live.Learn 5k Race Recap


So here is my race recap for my most recent 5k.

This past Saturday I ran the Run.Live.Learn 5k that took place at St. Charles Community College.

Race Eve:

The night before the race after I picked up my packet, exchanged my shirt for a slightly more flattering fit, and dropped my raffle tickets in to the corresponding buckets, I was SUPPOSED to go to yoga. I didn’t make it. I was like one minute late. So instead I went to Olive Garden and the to Chill Frozen Yogurt with my BFLT. Then I went home and double checked what time I needed to be at the race and found out it didn’t start until 9:30.

Race Morning:

Because I’m kind of weird, I don’t really like eating much before a race because I get worried about how it will settle in my stomach. So instead I had a calorie heavy drink and figured I would be good to go. I got dressed without checking the weather, and was wearing pants, a tank top, and a long sleeve over the tank top. As soon as I walked out the door I knew I had over dressed a little, but decided not to change because it wasn’t really all that bad.

I got to the school around 8:40, parked and got ready to go. I really need to invest in a spi-belt or something. I carried my phone with me (which I usually don’t do in races) because I thought I might take some pictures (I did not). If the race would have started on time at 9:30 I would have been fine. Instead it didn’t start until almost a full half hour late. By then I could tell I was definitely getting hungry. I didn’t want to step out of the start line to grab some fruit snacks (which they were handing out) so I just figured I would be ok and tough it out. Surely since the temp was now close to 75° there would be a water stop on the course, right? Wrong.

Mile 1

I started out way too fast and then had to stop maybe 50 feet in to ditch my long sleeve and tie it around my waist. So quite a few people passed me, but I was for the most part able to catch up with them. I kept trying to slow my pace down because I didn’t want to crash, but wasn’t too successful. I hit the first mile in 16:18, which was right about where I wanted to be. I had been up around 12/13 minute miles up until close to the end, when I dropped pace significantly.

Mile 2

I crossed back through the timing chute just after the start of mile 2 and I could tell that if I didn’t have something with calories I was not going to make it. Luckily there was a woman giving out baggies with jelly beans in them. She probably meant them to be for people who were already finished, but the sheer look of desperation on my face must have told her I needed them badly.

So I managed to eat three or four jelly beans before the thought of eating any more made me want to vomit. Mile 2 was a struggle mentally because I was not feeling so hot, kicking myself for poor race prep, and cursing the race director for not having any course aid. Mile 2 came in at 16:52.

Mile 3 and finish

I managed to pick it up a little bit for mile 3 knowing I was almost done and could have some water and snacks then. A few people I had passed earlier caught back up and passed me during mile two, so I became determined to catch them. I managed except for these two ladies who I would pass, then they would break into a little sprint to get in front of me and slow back down. That has to be my biggest pet peeve EVER coming from other racers. I absolutely hate that! Don’t you realize that you are causing someone to use up way more energy to try to get around you than perhaps they had planned?

I turned the corner and was coming up to the finish and I just threw it down and sprinted as hard as I could for the finish. Like literally running as hard as I could. I manged to hit mile 3 in 16:49.

Post Race

I honestly thought I might lose what little I had in my stomach after the race was over but I managed to control my breathing and get everything back under control. Then I head to the finisher’s area to see about snacks and such. Umm there were none. No water, no snacks and they were packing everything up. The only people who were still there were Chik-fil-a and Qdoba. I grabbed one sandwich for M because he loves Chik-fil-a and didn’t really see anything that appealed to me. So I went in search of water and was directed to it by some very nice college employees.

I hung around for a while waiting to see the drawings and event results. I saw the drawing and didn’t see the event results because of some kind of timing chip malfunction. They finally got them posted yesterday, but only had overall placements and age group winners.

So my final details:

  • Garmin/Chip Time: 51:00
  • Pace: 16:29/mile
  • Overall Place: 262/269

I didn’t really run much before this race and I think it’s reflected in my time. Also, I was kind of getting into a shitty mood by the time the race even started so I think that had a negative effect on me as well. I’m not 100% disappointed because I felt like my pace was pretty good for not running in a million years, but I know I have it in me to do much better.


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