I made a bit of effort this morning when it came to getting dressed and stuff. I actually put on make-up and semi-fixed my hair. I need to find a good stylist for my hair. Whenever I find one they seem to disappear after a few months.

So sad.

I have yoga tonight, and then we are feasting on delicious crock pot taco chicken-per the recipe 🙂 I put everything in the crock pot this morning and left M a note to turn it on low before he went to work. So once I get home I will shred it up and then we can have TACOS!! Yay!

I was going to straighten my hair this morning but since M won’t turn on the AC yet, I didn’t feel like battle with all that mess. I usually wind up getting hot and sweaty and then  my hair doesn’t want to cooperate, SO I just pinned my bangs back with a twist and then pulled it back into a messy bun.

I was going to go running last night, but I left my Garmin and my RoadID at work plugged into the computer to charge, so I failed on that one. I did however not have any soda what so ever yesterday. Not a single can. This is pretty huge for me considering that whenever I buy a case of soda it’s typically gone within four days (by case I mean the big cubes-not a 12 pack). Today I am having soup for lunch. I also have carrots to snack on, lemon and limes for my tea, a pudding cup, and a Special K bar. Those things are so good and they fill you up too! Plus I have a box of Kashi GoLean Crunch here at work that I munch on every once in a while.

I’ve got to work on planning dinners better so I can be more prepared. I need to figure out what we are going to be having for next week, and decide when I will make it. I can’t decide if I want to do chicken & noodles on Sunday with mashed potatoes or try Pioneer Woman’s Spicey Dr. Pepper shredded pork. I also need to plan out what I am going to be taking for lunch next week as well, so that I can actually have decent lunches without having to go buy fast food or something.



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