Like A Boss


I had such a great time in class last night. I really felt my muscles working and stretching and all that good stuff. I even managed wheel pose not once but twice. I guess my little t-rex arms (you know how the t-rex had arms, but the were pretty much usless? Those are my arms) are getting stronger. It felt so great to accomplish that pose, especially when I had been feeling a bit down on myself because I can’t always do the same things as everyone else in class.

But, I took the instructors advice to heart, which was, in a nutshell, to “Stop thinking about it so damn hard!” She put it much more eloquently than that, but I’m not always one for fancy similies. 🙂

I have to wonder sometimes where these spam comments come from-I just had one that was talking about tax crap. Used phrases like, betting on the dogs. Seriously spammers, not everyone is moron. It makes wonder why people even fall for such things in the first place. Crazy.

I sent Nuun an email this morning asking if they possibly had some samples they could send my way so I could try out their product. I’ve noticed that sometimes sports drinks can cause me to have stomach issues/cramps so I’ve been hearing all about how fantastic Nuun is so I wanted to give it a try.

I’ve got three miles scheduled for tonight. I’m hoping they go well. I’m starting to feel a little bit of the soreness from  yoga class last night, so I hope I don’t hurt too much for my run. I also hope that I can actually go right after work like I want too. I suppose we shall see!


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