Gross Tempo Shorts


Just gross.

I had probably my worst run in a long time last night. I headed out for three miles, and my first mile pace was ok, but then it all just went to shit after that. My thunder thighs were really not liking the fact that I chose to run in shorts in an attempt to get some sun on my pasty white vampire legs. So I spent most of my run either yanking the shorts down or pulling the legs up which was just awkward. I toughed through it all though and managed to get my three miles done in 59 minutes (boo bad time). But I’m still happy that I made the decision to get out there and get it done. (And semi stick to some sort of running/exercise plan).

Nuun couldn’t send me any samples 😦 So I stopped at the Fleet Feet on my way home to see if they had any and they did so I bought the grape flavor to try. The girl at the store was all, “If i gave you a glass right now you probably wouldn’t like but it taste so good when you are hot and sweaty from working out”. News for you chick, I’m loving the grape Nuun. Can’t lie, I’ve got a bottle here on my desk at work right now. Pretty tasty-cakes.

I also bought a couple of ice packs that shouldn’t freeze into solid blocks, called Thera-Pearls, or something along those lines. Can be heated or froze. So I should try those out some time. I was going to foam roll it out last night after my run, but we had company and I ended up sitting in my driving with everyone chatting all night. They were all drinking keg beer and I was quite happy to have my iced tea. This morning I felt a little rough, but I got up and took a shower and that somehow made it better.

I’m definitely excited for class tonight. This class night focuses on inversions, which require lots of upper body strength which means my little t-rex arms are gonna feel the burn! Then I don’t know what I will be up to. Since the Block dinner is tomorrow night, I won’t get to celebrate too much Cinco de Mayo. I was thinking about maybe have a Quatro de Mayo celebration instead. Maybe I will get mexican for dinner tonight! I do love me some mexican foods…so delish!

I also have two cd’s I need to finish for some folks I took pictures for, so that I can deliver them tomorrow. And then, BED! Because I have to get up super early for Retriever Training tomorrow.


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