Recipe: Hash Browns

This is my own personal recipe for home made hash browns. Yes I do realize that you could probably buy them in a bag, frozen from the grocery store, but I think these probably taste better.


  • Season Salt ( I like Lowery’s)
  • Black Pepper
  • Slap Ya Mama Cajun/Cerole Seasoning
  • Yukon Gold Potatoes (Calorie info based on four medium sized potatoes)
  • Vegetable Oil (3 or so tablespoons should do ya!)

You’ll also need a large hole grater, not a fine grater, but one with really big holes.


  1. Peel and rinse your potatoes under cool water. Pat them dry so they are easier to hold on to.
  2. Put your grater over a bowl to hold your potatoes, and grate the potatoes into the bowl.
  3. Pour your vegetable oil into your skillet and then add  in the shredded taters.
  4. Sprinkle season salt, cajun/creole seasoning, and pepper over the tops of your potatoes to taste. You can add as little or as much as you know you’d like. You can also start off small, and work your way up, tasting as you go.
  5. Cook over med-high to high heat. DO NOT over stir! Allow the hash browns to spend a little quality time with the skillet on each side (about a minute) before you flip them over. This helps them to get crispy brown, instead of just soggy or burnt.

Eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just for the hell of it! Make sure they’re hot though!



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