In Which I Should Always Have FlipFlops in the Car


Yeah, I decided that I didn’t want to wear my regular shoes that I typically wear to work (because they hurt my feet, yo)  I decided I would wear my Uggs to work. Yes I do realize it’s spring-my feet were cold. Get the f*ck over it!

AAANNDD I forgot my flip flops at home 😦

So sad…

Now I get to awkward penguin it around later this afternoon at yoga-I might just break out the work shoes (which ARE in my car by the way) so I don’t look like a total retard.

So my lululemon stuff came last night, and so far I’m in major love with the Every Yogi Tank. I can’t quit talking about it. I will most likely be getting one in every damn color. Much lulu love going on right now. I’m rocking the purple color that I got, and it is SO comfortable and the length is perfect. Now don’t get my wrong, I actually don’t have a long torso like some folks. My torso is actually on the short side. My legs and arms are long though. Hence the reason I have to buy longer jeans/pants/etc. Such is life though, when your mom is 5’4″ and your dad is 6’5″.

I can not wait to get to class tonight and take my new crops and mat for a spin. I didn’t get to go running last night because I had to stack wood AGAIN. Some one needs to really hurry up and have their log splitting party because I’m OVER it. There wasn’t as much wood so I only walked 6/10ths of a mile instead of a whole one like the other night.

I got our membership to Canine Country, so we will probably be heading out there this weekend as well. Slightly sucky since ticks are supposed to be terrible this year, but we use preventative so I’m not totally worried about it.

All in all I’m just ready for the weekend to be here. Is it 3:30 yet?


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