I suck at thinking of kitschy titles for my posts. Sad, I know.

So let’s see, Monday was a rest day, Tuesday I had planned on going running, but came home to find out that I was apparently stacking wood all evening. Which was fine, because I still walked a mile and burned some calories doing “cardio strength” ūüėČ Yep, I’m that geek who wore her Garmin¬†while stacking wood. Wednesday I was SUPPOSED to go to yoga, however I had to leave work early to go sit at my parents house while my mother went to go get her hair done. They are having their front door restained, so it can’t be shut and someone has to be around to watch the house. So that turned into me not getting home until after 7, which then turned into me making M dinner at 8 p.m. So tonight is a run night, tomorrow is yoga, Saturday will consist of a ton of walking around taking pictures and then a spa day with my mother and sister, and then Sunday I am hoping to get a run in as well as yoga.

I’m super excited because I should be getting a package from lululemon¬†tonight containing some of my birthday gifts! I ordered several things from there and am uber excited to receive them FINALLY!

Here’s a run down of what I ordered:

 The Align Mat-it has lines on it to help keep you centered on your mat, which I need because I waller around on my mat like nobodies business!

The Flip Out Board Short-I think these are super cute bum around shorts-plus they are made to dry super quick and the waist band is actually made out of swim suit material.

¬†The Run: Ultra Short II-¬†I’ve heard people rave about lululemon’s running shorts, so I figured I’d better at least give them a try.

The Groove Crop- I really wanted the Gather & Crow Crop, but they didn’t have it in my size, so I picked the groove crop instead. I can’t wait to try it out!

¬†The Every Yogi Tank- One of my yoga teacher’s, Sarah, is always wearing this particular tank. They are touted to be super long, so I’m hoping they are and will not ride up and flash my crack to everyone. I actually ordered three of these.

The Run: Stuff Your Bra Tank- This one has pockets all around the top part (bra area) of the tank, hence the stuff your bra name. I can’t wait to actually get it and see exactly how much the pockets actually hold.

So those are some of my birthday gifts-yes I realize that I am probably one of the most spoiled people alive sometimes. Plus, I’m also excited to get all geeked¬†out about my running/yoga gear. And no, I didn’t buy into that whole oh¬†you have to wear lulu¬†to be cool thing. I’ve heard their¬†stuff is really top-notch and lasts for quite a while, so I am looking forward to really putting it to the sweat test. I will try to do a review on each item, as I wear them (some I don’t get right away, like the run short, but I should be able to do a good review on each piece for you).


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