Go St. Louis All American 5k Race Recap

Another great 5k for me this past weekend!


I got up pretty early, 5 a.m., so I could get ready and make sure I had plenty of time to get to Kirkwood to pick up my shirt and bib.

I forgot to take my allergy medicine AND forgot to grab a cereal bar to eat before the race started and I was actually kind of hungry for once before a race. I think that’s part of the reason as to why I get such massive headaches after running is that I don’t eat anything before. I will have to experiment and see one this one.

After parking at the start (mistake!), I got my bib and shirt and then hung out in my car until about thirty minutes prior to the start. I wasn’t feeling the greatest since I didn’t sleep well the night before, so I almost thought about taking a nap before hand 😉 I did not though.

I got out, waited in line to use a port-a-potty (GROSS!) and then stretched a bit and meandered over to the start area.

The Race

The race started right on time and it took me maybe 45 seconds to actually cross the starting line and get running. The course ran through mostly residential areas and it was full of older homes and mature trees so the course was nice and shady, even though it wasn’t that hot out. It was probably 70° and slightly humid out for the duration of the race. I picked out a girl at the beginning of the race that I was determined to beat and also made myself promise that if I passed anyone they would not pass me back (kept it!). I also wanted to keep my pace steady and close to 15 minutes a mile. I clocked my first mile in 14:57.

The second mile was a bit of a struggle. It’s also when I started noticing how uphill this downhill course felt. My pace significantly slowed, but knowing I had passed my “rabbit” already was a comfort. I clocked mile 2 in at 16:13 (boo!).

Mile three felt a lot better, even though there was a pretty decent climb in it, and I felt a little better about pushing myself through. There were a few families that sat out and cheered the runners on, and there was even a priest out blessing the runners and sprinkling us with holy water (obvs I did NOT burst into flames when the holy water touched me 😉 ). Knowing I was so close to completing my second 5k running the entire time (I even managed to run through the water stop this time!) also helped give me a boost and I was able to pick up my pace and finish mile 3 in 15:44.

I had been neck and neck with this one lady for most of the second and third miles, and she was kind of annoying because every once in a while she would randomly fling her arms out or swerve into me when I would try to pass her. So in the last tenth of a mile I laid it out and ran a pace set of a 12:11 mile to get around her and finish the race. I was quite proud that I managed to run the whole thing again 🙂

The Results

  • Garmin Time 48:32
  • Gun Time 49:51
  • Average Pace 15:29/mile
  • Overall Place 1264/1317
  • Overall Females 731/763
  • Females 25-29 138/139

4 Comments Add yours

  1. kepotts says:

    Nice job on the race!! Sounds like you knocked out a 5K & “church” all in one…productive!

  2. Eribis says:

    i’m thinking of doing this race but cant make up my mind if its worth the 2 hour drive I’d have to make. HELP ME DECIDED PLEASE! Is this one you would recommend?

    1. Stephanie says:

      I would! It was a great race, with lots of spectators and a pretty great finish area. It’s a point to point race, so they offered shuttles, which there was a bit of a wait for, if you had to go back to the starting area for your car. Last year was also the first year they had it, so things might operate a bit smoother as well. Plus, the surrounding areas are filled with shops and neat things to do, so you can always make a day of it as well!

  3. Yadi says:

    My first (and only) half marathon was the Chicago Rock n’ Roll Half and I fell in love with the RnR seeirs! It’s a GREAT first half marathon experience, I’m excited for you!!!

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