Let’s All Go to the Fair

It’s officially hell  fair week here. I know I call it hell week because it is a week spent rushing from work to home to the fair grounds then to bed late then up early the next morning. Next year though I will hopefully be feeling a lot less frantic about it all, because I won’t be participating in as much Dockdogs stuff. I don’t plan on renew my judging certification next year when it expires so I can have a little bit of a breather from all the drama associated with it and just focus on having fun.

So far so good for the old fair I suppose. I watched my “nephew” Max show his hog last night and he got second in his weight class! This is his first year showing, so that’s super exciting for him. Tonight is more Dockdogs & the antique tractor pull, so M will be busy busy with that. So that just means more RTV time for me!



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