Mid-Year Goal Update

***WARNING: Excessively wordy post ahead!***


Remember back in the day when I posted all about my fantastic wonderful goals for 2012? Yeah about those…

It’s time to take a little check in and see how I have been progressing on my goals (or let’s be completely fucking honest, my lack of progression towards my goals) and I’ve come to the conclusion that I suck at life and will no longer continue this silly little blog.




Haha, yeah right. Not getting rid of my painful mumblings quite that easy, suckers! Too damn bad for you…;)

I knew towards the end of June that my goals weren’t going so well, in fact the only one I was moderately keeping up with was the whole Blog More Consistently thing, and it’s not exactly being knocked out of the park so to speak. So I’ve been looking at my goals and reevaluating where I’m at.

  • Finally get serious about losing weight

Um, yeah have you seen my little myfitnesspal ticker at the bottom of the blog? And how it says a big whopping zero? So we all know how that goes. I have zero will power, and I’m not 100% certain that my Hashimoto’s isn’t getting out of control again. I also HAVE to STOP using my Hashimoto’s as a damn excuse. Life sucks, get a helmet. 

  • Take better care of myself, yoga more, run 1500 miles in 2012

Those were all separate goals and clearly, not working for me. I think I could lump them into the whole losing weight thing really. 1500 miles in 2012? Forget that shit-nice dream but not gonna happen. Not this year anyways. I have managed to run several 5k’s as the year has gone on but that’s pretty much it. And I haven’t been to yoga in forever.

New goal:

  • Be a happier, healthier, fitter me.

Putting it all under one headline now. No more five hundred different healthy goals to stick with. Just one that includes everything. So to work on that, it means get back to yoga, actually run in between races, stay mindful of what I am doing to myself and putting in my body. Shits not going to change over night, but since declaring July my get my shit back together month, it’s been going a little better.

  • Pay down debt and save more money

Holy fuck. I have failed epically on this one. I have paid off one credit card (thank God) which was closed because when I negotiated a lower interest rate, part of the deal (that they don’t tell you) is that they are closing your card. Whatever. It didn’t negatively affect my credit and doesn’t show a black mark on my history, so good riddance. I didn’t need it anyways. Saving money has been hard as well. I wasn’t keeping track of what I was spending and where I was spending it, so any money I was saving just got used up.

New goal:

  • Be more financially aware.

By keeping track of every dime I spend, I should be able to see where I can cut back and how. Since I do shop at Target frequently I signed up for their RedCard debit card, and it saves me 5% on every trip. Add that into my pharmacy rewards and some days I get to save 10%. So I try to purchase cleaning items and the like at Target, where I know I will get some savings. I’ve also been bringing my lunch, for the most part. I’ve decided to make Fridays (unless I’m off that day, then any other day works) my treat myself day, when I can buy a healthier lunch from a local restaurant. Plus, continue to try and save cash and pay towards my debt.

  • Be a better wife, do more things I love, keep a better house, live my life

I will say that even though M and I have had fights, we don’t seem to be arguing about as much stupid stuff these days. I’m far to stubborn for my own good, and it’s what gets in the way of everything else. Even though I don’t clean up the house, I’m still not accomplishing the kind of stuff I want to have time to accomplish and do. So really, I’m like a big lazy blob.

New goal:

  • Be more mindful of my time and get my priorities together

I need to reorganize my priorities, big time. I’m not putting anything first that should be there, and it’s affecting my life in many, many areas. Not just my marriage, but my whole outlook on life. I’ve been putting off a ton of things, simply because I’m “too tired, busy, bored” etc. But those are all excuses and it’s time to stop that shit.

So all in all, narrowing my huge list of goals down to just a few makes things seem all that much easier already (yeah sure it does), doesn’t it? I’ve got to stop letting my time and life get away from me and take control of that shit for real.


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  1. Hey there! Let’s get that myfitnesspal ticker moving. 🙂

    I’m the first to admit that it’s easy to use excuses to keep ourselves from losing weight–I’m diabetic and used that as a crutch, but I had to take a look at WHY I was using it as a crutch. Turns out it was easier for me to throw in the towel before I began than to be disappointed by trying and failing. Weight loss is such a mental thing, I swear. Once you figure out your needs and how your unhealthy ways are fulfilling them, you can really fix them and get on the path to weight loss. Check out this video: http://bit.ly/MGFm2Z It does a great job of explaining our needs and how you can break through bad habits.

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