Sorry for being MIA the last week or so-I know you all missed me SSOO much, didn’t you? 😉

July is always a really crazy month for me with both the fairs in it, and then trying to put the house back in order and not get fired (yeah sure) at work in between each one tends to take up a good chunk of my spare time. So blogging had to take the back seat (along with dishes, laundry, and cleaning).

Only three and a half weeks until VACATION!! First I have to attend Regionals but then it’s a week away at the Lake-which I can’t wait for. I really need to prep by spending some time in the sun. My arms and shoulders are rocking a pretty sweet tan, but the rest of me is fairly pale! Some days I wish I could just lay out by the pool and soak up some rays.

I went to the doctor the other day, and as expected my thyroid levels have gotten slightly worse, so he upped my prescription strength. I am feeling a little bit better. I just wish it wasn’t so damn hot outside! I get that it’s summer and everything, but when it’s been 100+ degrees for several days in a row, that makes running outside a bit of a challenge. Plus, give a chick a break! It’s only dry as shit outside and now everything is all dead and dried up and ugly.

Well that’s all I’ve got to post about right now-my brain can’t think of anything interesting to talk about so I’m out!


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