Where has Google Chrome been all my life?

Ah, so my Adobe Flash wasn’t working worth a shit and I kept getting those annoying error report things popping up constantly, so I decided to upload the newest version of Adobe Flash and it came with Google Chrome and I must say, so far I am liking it very much so…I probably won’t ditch IE forever but GC is pretty happening.

I’m not a hugely technical person, so small things like this amaze me at times 😉

Our friends S & B had little baby E last night! Or I guess I should say at 2 a.m. this morning! She was set on being stubborn, that’s a fact. I can’t wait to meet her and watch her grow up! I love it when my friends have babies. Takes the pressure off me for a while 🙂

I got a Shellac manicure this past Sunday and so far I am really liking it! They used OPI products which is my top choice when it comes to nail polish. I’ve tried so many other brands and the quality never comes close to OPI. SO far it’s holding up pretty good, I have one small chink on my thumb nail-probably from a zipper. I usually don’t get my nails done because the polish wears off and chips easily since I am so hard on my hands, but I wanted to try the Shellac  before our Lake vacation, because I was thinking of having it done for that so my nails would always look good.

I’m also getting better at the flat-iron curls! Small  victories I know 😉 I’ve always liked the look. Now I can finally manage to get it done on my own. Thanks Small Things blog! If you haven’t ever visited, you need to. Especially if you’re looking for new and easy to follow hair tutorials. http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com I believe is the address. So go check her out!


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