The Last Little Week

So the last of the hell weeks starts today. St. Charles County Fair. And I’m already regretting all the time that I volunteered and am wondering now how to get out of it all (insert eyeroll here because honestly, it’s only a couple of hours I volunteered for).

I’m ready for all this to be done-I’ve got other crap to focus on. And while I haven’t been nearly as active this year as I have been in past years for the club, I still feel annoyed that it takes so much time. Which is why I am not renewing my judges certification next year.

Also-this heat is killing me. Seriously. Our air conditioner can’t even begin to keep up when it gets to be 100+ outside. Especially since we had to cut down our big huge shade tree because it was splitting and going to fall on our house. So yeah-when it’s 87 inside the house I don’t really feel like doing much cleaning because I hate to sweat when I’m not intending to. Like if I’m going to work out or do some kind of hard physical labor, then I’m all for sweating. But sweating while doing dishes (or my hair)? No effing dice, dude. Too HOT!

So while I’m whining about it now-I’ll have to come back and look at this post come December and I’m bitching because it’s cold. That’s life I suppose.


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