3 Weeks is too long!

Ugh-I am already kind of wishing that it was vacation time already. I’m looking at some new books to download for reading and obviously all the down time I will hopefully be enjoying. Plus, I’ve been eye balling a couple new swimsuits to get on the trip since Victoria’s Secret is having a big sale on all their swim wear.

Love me some Victoria’s Secret!

I have spent next to no time this summer with my BFLT. Which makes me uber sad. I have been terrible about my time this summer and pretty much wasted a lot of it bitching about how damn hot it’s been and since she has been working weekends it makes it a little tough.But hopefully we can get it all sorted out, and spend time together soon! I don’t think she is coming on the Lake trip, because she will be starting her new teaching job and since school will be in session by the time our trip rolls around, she might not want to drive down there just to spend one day.

I’m looking forward to next month already. I have two weeks of yoga classes scheduled out and then I am going to work on fitting my running in around that as well as some strength training/toning workouts. And work on eating better. I’ve eaten so much crap this month it’s ridiculous. Between all that and the fact that I’m finally starting to feel a little better and my medicine is at a higher level, I think I might actually be able to make some sort of progress.

My Saturday is looking crazy busy already, and my Sunday is shaping up to be a little busy as well. Saturday is our event and then a wedding reception for one of our fire department friends, which I had no clue about until last night (thanks M!). And then Sunday is retriever training and then lunch with my BFLT. And of course the requisite laundry and dishes. I am determined to get my house under control with everything else!

As far as July has gone, I’ve done pretty good at staying on top of a few things, but not as well as I would have liked. I did manage my bank account much better this month, and I’m looking forward to continuing that trend into next month. Plus I started out strong as far as lunches and everything goes, but didn’t manage to make it stick for the month. So for now, here’s to making August a whole lot better!


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