No Hope

So there is this page on Facebook called “No Hope for the Human Race”. And it has some hilarious shit on there. I love it. Some of it is a little offensive, but what isn’t these days? Let’s be honest.

You can’t have an opinion without someone being offended by it.

End rant.

So the Olympics is on, and apparently Phelps and Lochte are kind of sucking it up a little bit for how big of a game they were talking. Now I understand that apparently Phelps didn’t think he was coming back to the 2012 games after last Olympics, and didn’t have much time to train. But Lochte is currently in competition for America’s Biggest Douche. According to general opinion. His gold medal win was threatened because he wanted to wear a “grill” on the podium and official were all, no effing way homie. So he didn’t wear it on the podium but put it in afterwards, and I have to say-it makes him look dumb. It looks like there is something wrong with his teeth.


He looks SO much better without it in his mouth! Plus that style is kind of out dated. And reserved for rappers.

Moving on…

So glad it’s time to start focusing on my life for a little while, and that I can start planning for vacation! Yay! Texas is still up in the air, but the more I think about it and the closer it gets without a definitive answer, the more it looks like I will not be attending.

Went to a wedding this weekend. Saw lots of people from when I was “knee high to a grasshopper”. Pretty much all of them did not recognize me, or at least if the recognized me they couldn’t figure out who the hell I was. Β A perk of not seeing people for 15 years πŸ˜‰

My Shellac manicure only last for about a week before it started to lift at the edges which immediately caused me to peel it all off. And then I had to trim my janky nails back because they were ridiculously long. So right now, no polish on these nails. I will probably get it done again before going to the lake, but I probably won’t be getting a pedicure. I’ll just paint my toes myself. I need to get a new top coat or something. Maybe an OPI one, because their polish is the bomb dot com. (Eww, lame much?)

Also, mastering the flat iron curl is going well. I attempted it again for the wedding. Some pieces did not want to curl, but my hair was also not 100% dry like I had thought. But, I had killer volume and the curls looked pretty good for the most part. One of my uncle’s was at the wedding and took a photo of me & M Β so if he posts it on Facebook, then I will have to snag it.

Today is such a waste. I’ve accomplished next to nothing at work, and that blows. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


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