Vacation Over & Out


Missed me a little didn’t ya?

Well my blog break was nice. I got to focus on a lot of other stuff and get prepared for this month, which is my official get my shit back together month.

Fun times.


So while I was on blog vacay, I went to Arkansas for the Dockdogs Regional Qualifier to try and secure an invite to the World Championships. Which we did. So in November the Yellow Dog and I will be traveling to Iowa to compete there. Pray for good weather for us to travel in. So now I’m busy looking up hotels and getting all the crap I need for that trip.

Then I went to the lake for what was supposed to be a relaxing week but didn’t really pan out that way. But I still had a good time. For my birthday, we spent the day out and about and went to Bridal Cave (super fun!) and then to a movie (Expendables 2) and then to JB Hook’s for dinner (to die for!). JB Hook’s was so delicious and our view was awesome looking out over the lake. Gorgeous!

Then it was back to work, and then a quick break for Labor Day. I haven’t managed to accomplish too much this month so far, but since M is going out-of-town tomorrow morning, I’m hoping to be able to get some things DONE without distraction or having someone come behind me and undo it all!

It will definitely be nice to have some time to myself in the house. I am a little disappointed that I won’t be able to make to the wedding, but I’m sure he will have enough fun for me!



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