So far this year I’ve been busy trying to get a bunch of stuff done all at one time, and it’s basically making it seem like I am getting absolutely nothing done period. Which really sucks. Because then it looks like I’ve done nothing and accomplished nothing and I’m all worn out from going in 100 different directions. So it’s time to take a step back and get focused again (yes, already for the year, I know!).

This past weekend was pretty nice. Saturday I cashed in my gift certificate to the facial retreat place M got me for Christmas and had the best facial ever. Seriously, Carla is awesome! And her prices are crazy reasonable. She did several treatments and my skin feels ridiculously amazing. Now I just have to keep up on maintenance at home and budget to get some more facials in!

Working out has been going ok. I did skip yoga yesterday, which isn’t cool, but I have SO much to do at home it’s crazy. And all I really managed to do was get the dishes done. I also bought fabric to make new dog bed covers, since Kaycee destroyed her’s and Cody hasn’t had a new one ever-so that is going on my agenda. But I haven’t been running all week, and my eating hasn’t been the greatest, either. But like I said-it’s time to get my focus back.

Plus eating out gets expensive, or at least it can. We had that discussion the other night as we went out to eat. Plus, home cooked food tends to be a little better for you.

So last year my mantra was “Let Your Haters Be Your Motivators” and I really liked that and managed to live by that fairly well last year. So I’m going to keep it around this year and add “Focus” as another mantra for the year. Focus on all the changes that I need to make and want to make. Focus on living my life in the best possible way. Focus, Focus, Focus!


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  1. kepotts says:

    I too need a re-focus & it is early in the year. I’m just taking it to mean I’ve been hitting 2013 so hard I need to realign from all I’ve gotten done SO FAR 😉 Positive spin! Good luck with your focus.

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