It’s crazy cold outside. Like note going to get above 30 degrees cold outside. Days like this seriously make me want to move somewhere warmer, like Hawaii. I think I could handle living on the island 😉

I spent a little time updating my recipes section of the blogs, so you can now find all my most recently shared recipes in one place. I have several new ones to post, but since I’m trying to be a better blogger, I really want to get pictures of them so my blog isn’t quite so monotonous.

My eating has gone a little better so far this week. Monday I did ok, eating probably a bit more than I needed to. I really need to be honest with my tracking because I have the tendency to just quite tracking when I think I’m going to go over my calorie limit. Today has been a little better. I had some Pop Tart for breakfast (not the most calorie conscious breakfast, but better than nothing) and then my usual coffee. I also drank my Starbuck’s tumbler of water this morning and am now working on some tea sweetened Truvia. Unfortunately our ice at work is kind of disgusting so it’s tainted my tea flavor a bit…For lunch I did have a soda, but it’s been my only one today. I also had two chicken soft tacos (which is basically their seasoned chicken, a tortilla, and some cheese) along with my salad (baby spinach, carrot shreds, some cheese, and some black bean and corn “salsa” from Dierberg’s) and then some mini sweet peppers. So lunch was pretty good and I am beyond full right now.

Tonight I have Yogahour, which is a higher intensity class, and then I’m heading out to dinner with my BFLT. I haven’t seen her in forever, so I’m pretty excited about that. Not sure where we are going to eat at just yet, but some 54th Street nachos are calling my name.

Speaking of name calling, I’m pretty sure my hip and shoulder are calling me every nasty name in the book. I don’t know what it is, but lately both have been acting up. Possibly we need a new bed (I haven’t been sleeping very well I suppose) and I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to go to a chiropractor and get checked out but that doesn’t always fit into the schedule. Plus, M wants to go king size when we get a new bed, and I’m not sure a king size will even fit in our bedroom. And not just any king size, but a Sleep Number to boot! I’ve never slept on a Sleep Number but he says they are wonderful…we will have to see what happens I guess.


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