Flat on My Face


That little baby elephant right there? Yeah that was me in class last night. Class was going well, I was working hard and sweating like a whore in church person getting a great work out. And towards the end we start working our way into this pose. And I had it, but then suddenly my arm twisted out from under me and I landed right on my face, wrist, elbow, and knee. Now as if that’s not embarrassing enough, I also made the accompanying “Uuughh” sound to go with it. Needless to say I booked it out of class.

And then…I had to stop and buy dog food, and of course the bag I needed was all the way on the bottom of the shelf underneath all the other bags. And in a classic me move, I managed to smack the same part of my face on the shelving that the dog food was on. I’m just talented like that.

Then is was off to dinner at 54th Street with my BFLT (best friend long time) Katie and a plate of their delicious chicken nachos that we split. Then home where I did some dishes and went to bed.

I add a Pinterest button so you can go check out my boards if you’re feeling froggy! Just don’t get too sucked into it. I know how easily Pinterest can become one of my biggest time sucks!



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    1. Ms. S says:

      It is funny now-but it was so embarrassing at the time it happened!

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