Goldfish Go-fish

After a delicious breakfast of Peach Chobani


I’ve managed to semi-truck through the mailer that I have to do at work. It also helped that I had these tasty little guys on hand:

jan17 006

So I had a pretty awesome snack to munch on while working.

For lunch, even though I packed a salad with some leftover taco chicken, my mom and I ordered some Papa John’s pizza. Of which I ate entirely too much! So now I feel like a fat little piggy 😦

Last night was my first night working for this year’s tax season. I really reduced my hours this year, because I feel like I just can’t keep up with all of it and I was honestly feeling a little burnt out last year and season had hardly even begun. So I’m only doing a couple of days a week and then I told them if they needed me on a Saturday or something,  I should be able to fill in.

Tonight is yoga night-hopefully I don’t fall on my face again! I’m also looking forward to getting off work because I should have a package waiting at my parents house from the one and only Lululemon! Can’t wait to get it and hope it comes in before I have to go to class 🙂 Pictures to come of my goodies from there.

Has anyone tried the Bolthouse Farms products before? I’ve noticed them in my grocery store and looked them up, and they make some low-calorie salad dressings as well as other products. I’m a big fan of trying before buying, or at least getting lots of feedback and reading reviews before buying. I like to know there is a good chance that I will like a product or that it will work for me before making any kind of investment into a product.


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