Finally Friday…

So it’s finally Friday! I can’t tell you how many times I woke up in the morning this week and thought, “Yeah it’s such and such day so it only _ days until Saturday” only to remember what day it really was and then be all disappointed because I actually had more days left than I thought. And I’m usually not a big day counter either, for some reason this week, I was all sorts of confused.

Last night, after yoga class (in which I remained face plant free!) I stopped at Target because I had to pick up a few things. Then by the time I got home, M had already had the rest of the Chicken & Gnocchi soup I made on Sunday and I decided to just have leftovers. I heated up a little bit of the cheesy sausage and potato casserole and then made myself a big salad with some of the left over taco chicken, baby spinach, carrots, black bean & corn “salsa”, regular salsa, cheese, and ranch. So good!

Today I decided to try and stick with a healthier breakfast and lunch, especially since I had a bunch of pizza yesterday and we also have Margarita Friday this evening. For breakfast I had Chobani 0% Raspberry and Quaker Instant Oatmeal in Apples & Cinnamon.

photo 1 photo 2

The Chobani Raspberry was actually much tarter than I was expecting but it was still pretty delicious!

Then for lunch, I had a repeat of my dinner last night, minus the salsa and the casserole.


So filling! I’m slowly falling into deep love with baby spinach.

In other big blogging news, M finally knows about the blog! I haven’t really told any of my family or friends about my little corner of crazy here on the Internets, but I think it’s definitely time to start letting them know. 🙂

Now I can blog freely at home, instead of just trying to hide it during the day at work!

So you will probably be seeing a few changes here and there as I try to get the blog up to par. The header will most likely change again sometime in the near future (I just need time to tweak it and get it just the way I want it), as well as the addition of a new page or two at the top. I am also working on updating a few posts, especially my recipe posts to include all the nutritional information. Maybe someday I will be able to invest a decent chunk of change into the old blog and get a professional design, but until then I will probably continue to tweak the living snot out of it, so just bear with me while we undergo a small face lift!


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