It’s Working

So far, so good. It seems like my eating better and attempts at working out are starting to pay off. I can definitely feel my clothes getting a little looser Smile Makes me smile…

In other news, I had a pretty decent couple of days. Last night I did a speed workout and a little bit of a strength workout. During my speed workout, I ran for a few minutes, sprint for 60 seconds, and then took a walk break. Repeat for 30 minutes. I worked on my speed, trying to keep my pace up above my normal turtle pace. It was pretty tough going and it really worked me over. Tonight I had an awesome yoga practice. I worked really hard and I think I’m going to be feeling it tomorrow morning!

This morning I was still craving a slice of pizza, which I had been craving the day before, so I stopped by the gas station on my way to work and picked up a slice for breakfast. I figure that if I’m craving something, and I sleep on it and am still craving it, I can get it. That way the craving doesn’t get out of control and I gorge myself on whatever it is I’m wanting at the time. While there I perused the drink section and instead of grabbing a soda like normal, I grabbed to Honest Teas.


I grabbed both the Honey Green Tea and the Half & Half, which is a mix of lemonade and tea. So good! I loved the Half & Half, and the green tea was pretty good too. They have several other flavors, and I can’t wait to try them.

I had lunch all packed, but it really wasn’t doing it for me, Thankfully, my parents brought me back some Fazoli’s breadsticks. So I had those and then some sweet peppers and a Greek yogurt.



Then on my way to yoga, I encountered some lovely winter weather! Apparently it snowed up north while I was at work today and it made for a chilly, frosty evening-


Right now, I’m watching a couple shows that I had recorded on the DVR and then going to wash up some dishes. Then maybe a shower…maybe!


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