Oh my goodness! At some point I will be able to get my post up about the truffle shuffle 4-miler, but since I’m posting this via mobile that won’t be happening today.

I did have a pretty fantastic weekend all considering. Saturday I spent a little time cleaning up the house (per my usual weekend routine), then I met my sister and her friend in Ofallon to get our nails did. I love mine! I got a super pale polish on my nails with some ombré glitter and a turquoise with glitters on my toes. Then we had lunch and I came home and finished up the laundry and cleaned a but more.

Sunday I was planning on going to yoga but M asked about going to the botanical gardens, which I had been wanting to do to see their orchid show. He didn’t go, but I headed down there and checked out the show and several other places at the gardens. A spring/summer trip is definitely needed!

After that I headed to the rich people mall, plaza Frontenac. They have a lululemon shop and I wanted to get a yoga mat that I won’t slip and slide all over during class. So I got my fancy new mat and a couple of head bands before heading to Pi to have lunch with my sister and her friend. They were having a St. Louis day and went to a bunch of places as well.

To cap off the day, M and I had dinner at the OG with my parents and then it was home and to bed for me because I was exhausted.

When I have some time tomorrow I will try to get a few better posts up, but until then I bid you adieu !


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