What Goes Up

Must come down. After a crazy busy weekend, I’m pooped!

Friday night I stopped by the tax office and worked for a bit, then went to dinner with my mother-in-law and and tax preparer. We went to the local Stefanina’s and I had their boiled ravioli. Love that stuff! Then it was home and to bed almost immediately because I was exhausted.

Saturday I woke up, and even though I was debating it, got dressed and headed to St. Charles for the Truffle Shuffle. The whole way there I was pretty convinced that I was not going to run, but once I got there and started running, I felt a lot better. I will have the recap posted soon, including an incident that I have NEVER had happen to me in a race before.

Then I stopped off to have my blood work done for my doctors appointment today. They managed to get it on one stick, unlike the last time I ever ran and then had blood work done. After that it was lunch time at My Three Ladies, where I chowed down on some baked potato soup and a grilled cheese with fries. Then home to take a quick shower.

Since the poor pups have been especially cooped up the past few weeks, I decided to take them out since the weather was pretty decent for February. Not as great as the original forecast, but still not bad. So I loaded them up, swung by my sister’s to pick up her pup Max and took them to a near by dog park to get a little energy out. That went fine until some guy’s dog decided to either hump Max & Kaycee or drag them around by their necks. So we were done playing at that point. I managed to wrangle them all up and we cruised down to Main Street and hit up the Katy Trail for a little over a mile walk.

They had gotten pretty dirty and slobbery at the dog park, so I headed to the dog wash and gave everyone a bath. Then it was a stop for cheeseburgers and dropped Max off. I swung by the casino were my parents were hanging out and did a little quick gambling before calling it a night and picking up a pizza on the way home.

Sunday I spent most of the day at home, with a quick trip to the grocery store. I made chili for dinner, didn’t get any dishes washed, and was wiped out. We watched the new episode of Walking Dead, and then it was definitely time for bed.

Yesterday I didn’t do much, just worked at my regular job and the tax office. Then headed home for some chili and a hotdog. Today I managed to get my lunch packed before work and I had a salad with mushrooms, mango salsa, cheese, chicken, and Bolthouse Farms Ranch Dressing. So good! Taste like full fat ranch, but without all the calories. Definitely a must buy again for me 🙂

Tonight, I’m doing our taxes (yikes!). I’ve been a little nervous, which I’m always nervous when it comes to my taxes…I hate filing them!


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