Are  you on Bloglovin? I am now! I heard that Google Reader was going away (not that I used Google Reader, but still) and I saw a couple of bloggers mention Bloglovin as a similar service to GR. So I had to check it out. And now I’m a member and I’ve claimed my blog on here as well. So check it out, because it could make following your favorite blogs a lot easier!

Tonight is my last night for this week working at the tax office, thank goodness! It’s hard working every night! I don’t see how some of them do it, honestly. It’s crazy. Only a few more working days left until the tax season is over as well. I’m very much looking forward to it. And then the week after tax season ends, half marathon training begins.

So yesterday was the first day of spring and everything. So why on Earth are they calling for a winter snow storm to dump in excess of 12 inches on us this weekend? Someone (mother nature) needs to get their act together!

I have a facial scheduled for Sunday, but if it does snow like they are saying it will, then I most likely will not be making the trek. Which stinks because I loved the facial I got last time! So relaxing…

My weekend plans aren’t really set in stone. I have a banquet to attend on Saturday, and my niece’s birthday party to attend on Sunday, but other than that plenty of time to mull over somethings and get some stuff around the house accomplished. I’ve really grown tired of the way the house is looking and I want to change it immediately. I have very little storage space in the form of closets, and the ones I have aren’t being properly managed. So that is definitely some that needs to be taken care of. And quickly!

Tomorrow will begin another new (hopefully) weekly post, High Five for Friday-hope you enjoy it!


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