Spring is Finally Here!

So finally the weather is warming up and being decent out. No more snow! (Cross your fingers, please!)

So thankful that this is pretty much my last few days of tax season. Tonight, Wednesday, and then next Monday, Tax Day. So ready for it to be over with. Working this weekend when it was so nice outside really sucked.

I’m really hoping that when I start running again and hopefully eating better (since my eating has been shit foods the past couple of months) that I start feeling a bit better. I’ve been so tired lately. I’m not really sure what the cause is. I’m sure it’s a combination of things that I haven’t even begun to imagine yet.

M got offered a new job a couple of weeks ago and he decided to take it. So he’s been working at both places, one to finish out his two weeks and the other to start familiarizing himself with their machinery. I’m excited for him because this is pretty close to being his dream job.

This past weekend was pretty decent. Friday night I stopped by one of our local Fleet Feet stores and bought a couple little things. It’s their 20th anniversary and they had some coupons and free shirts to give out to customers. I also managed to earn a $15 dollar voucher, so I’m excited to use that as well!

Saturday I worked pretty much all day. Then I had to go buy dog food, and try to do dishes and laundry to get water into our new septic tank before it rains. If it doesn’t have enough water to help weigh it down, there’s a chance that it could pop out if we get the butt load of rain they are forecasting.

Sunday, I got up and made breakfast, then headed out to Catala Facial Spa for my facial. I was supposed to get it during the snowpocalypse weekend, but we rescheduled for this weekend. It was awesome as usual, and I bought some more of the product line she uses to see how that goes with my skin. Now I just need to get into some kind of routine!!

Then I had some lunch out, came home and took a nap, did more laundry and dishes, and went for a walk with my mother-in-law and the pups. Then it was home, dinner, shower, and bedtime. All in all, a decent weekend that I wish was just a little longer 🙂

Happy Monday!


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