Sorry for the lack of posts-I’ve been working on my photography stuff quite a bit, getting it up to date and making some much-needed changes.

But now I’m back, so that should definitely be a good thing (cue collective eye-roll from anyone who reads this).

This weekend was, as usual, busy. I don’t know why but it seems like my weekends just keep getting busier and busier. Crazy. Friday night, I bought my new camera, a Canon 60d, to go with my other DSLR. So that was exciting. Saturday, I got up and ran some errands. I went to the bank, the hardware store, the Best Buy, and then to the World Outdoor Emporium to get my tomato plants and some flowers for my wishing well.

They have a huge parrot there named Montego. And I think he liked me! He would follow me around his cage, so he was always by me, and he would “talk” to me. He knows Hi and Hello, ¬†but before I could see if he knew anymore words some kids came up and he went back into his cage. I’m planning on going back some time soon to photograph him-he’s gorgeous!

Then I spent most of the day planting and cleaning the patio and the back yard up just a little bit. Once I was done there I took a shower and headed to the tax office banquet. Of course, I got lost on the way there and was late, but they hadn’t really started yet, so that was ok. Honestly though, how many air parks does my city need?

Sunday I got up early and headed to the Make Tracks for the Zoo 5k. And believe it or not I actually took pictures so when I do my recap (no review since I did this race last year) I have something interesting to put in there! Be proud blog readers, be proud.

After the race, I stopped by my parents house and had some lunch, then did a little shopping and headed home. Where I promptly took a nap (or tried to) and then did some minimal house cleaning. Very minimal.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty blah days. Monday night I spent a ton of money at the Target store (honestly who can go in Target and NOT spend at least $50? If you can, please tell me your secrets!), but I got a lot of things that I had been putting off getting lately. I also got this new little sauce thing by Campbell’s. They come in pouches and have several different flavors. I got the Scampi sauce and had it with some chicken. It was really good, so I suggest you check them out asap. Tuesday I stopped by the dentist, because I thought there might be a hole by my temporary crown, and I DO NOT want to have to deal with a root canal, so I took my paranoid butt to the office. Turns out it’s just the edge of the temp crown, and it won’t be there when they put the permanent one on, and everything was fine. Woo Hoo!

The trip home was nightmarish. Apparently the PGA is holding a tournament at a golf course in Chesterfield, so they had a bunch of roads blocked off and I forgot to turn onto the exit I wanted, so I had to go another way. Then there was an accident that had traffic backed up. I saw a person getting loaded into an ambulance, so I hope they are ok. It looked like they might have gotten rear-ended pretty hard.

So tonight I plan on stopping at the grocery store, since I haven’t been there in a million years, and then cleaning house. Because this coming weekend isn’t going to be any less busy!


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