Great Weekend

This weekend was actually pretty fantastic! Friday I had a good weigh-in for the Ton of Fun program at Fleet Feet, and then a nice dinner at the Matador afterwards.

Saturday I had to work, but I got to work with some of my favorite people, and I didn’t have to work for the entire time because I had to take my niece to a birthday party to the Lindenwood Ice Rink. That’s right, ice skating. And this chick hasn’t ice skated since high school. But amazingly it came right back to me almost as soon as I stepped on the ice, which was really beneficial, considering the fact that I skated backwards most of the time keeping an eye on my niece, who has never skated before. I had a blast ice skating and I want to go again for open skate soon!

After ice skating I headed back to the office to finish up my shift, and then over to Big A’s house where him and M were finishing up a project. Then we had some delicious Steak & Shake for dinner.

Sunday was Loin’s Club Breakfast day, so we hit that up and then headed home to disaster. I forgot to put the trash can and the dog food container in the basement landing and somebody decided to destroy everything. So I spent most of the morning cleaning up that mess and then cleaned off the table so I can have some sewing room. Then I started working on a quilt kit that I began over a year ago. Around 10:40 my sister sent me a text asking if we wanted to go to the Egg & I for breakfast at 11:30. We went for lunch (which wasn’t that great) and then did a little shopping at Trader Joe’s and stopped by Treat’s Unleashed.

Then we went to the new outlet mall to check out the Oakley Vault and wandered around there before heading to West County Mall to look for a North Face jacket for me. I struck out at the actual North Face store, but scored at the Dick’s Sporting Goods there (which is super fancy). I also finally found my camo Otterbox case in my pattern and got that as well. We finished the day with some jean shopping and checking out the Lego store before grabbing pretzels and heading home.

Once we got home and had dinner (chicken with Marsala sauce, noodles, and some delish roasted cauliflower) we watched the mid-season premier of Walking Dead. And then since somebody decided to pee in the bed, we had to change sheets and rustle up some more covers. Thankfully it didn’t get on the actual mattress, so that was a plus. However, I slept terribly and was freezing for half the night.

So, I am very much looking forward to going to the chiropractor, work at the tax office, and then home straight to bed. I’m done for the day!


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