2014 Running

After having my running come to a pretty big halt last year due to my shoulder/rib injury, I’m looking forward very much to getting back in to it again. I have several races tentively planned out for the year, at least until July. There are a couple more that I typically do, but most of these should be all-new races for me.

I’m going to do much better this year with my reviews and recaps. My big race this year will be the Mo’ Cowbell Half-Marathon in October. I just got my deferral code and can’t wait to register on Sunday! Hopefully this season goes well and I don’t wind up getting hurt again. My plan is to ease back into running using Hal Higdon’s training plans, starting with the Novice 5k plan. I also want to do a 10k race this year, and improve both my time in the 5k and the Half. I would love to break three hours on my half time, which (for me) is a pretty lofty goal, but I think it could be completely attainable if I just keep my focus and put in the work. I think my fastest Half time is around 3:15, and I set a new 5k PR back in December. I would like to break 45 minutes on my 5k time, but that probably won’t happen until later in the season.

I’m looking forward to hitting the trails and roads this year, and am planning on having a little running buddy with my pup Kaycee. I’m also looking forward to really getting back into yoga, and adding in some cross-training as well. I’m hoping to make 2014 a better year, and entering my 30’s in a much better place than I have been the past few years.



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  1. Eribise says:

    Stick with your training and be consistent and you can TOTALLY beat 3 hours! πŸ™‚

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