An Update

Just wanted to drop off a little update about how things have been going around my neck of the woods.

It hasn’t been very exciting around these parts here lately. Tax season has started for me, so two nights a week and several Saturdays are going to be spent doing the old taxes. I’m not looking forward to doing ours this year, but I never am. I hate filing our taxes! It’s not like we owe, but it still is a little on the nerve wrecking side of things for me.

Rusty (our temporary dog) has had both his heartworm treatment injections, and so far everything is going well. I hope it stays that way too! He was actually quite sore from his injections on Tuesday and Wednesday, but has since recovered and is doing pretty good. He hasn’t torn up the new kennel bed cover that I made, and he’s not been marking in the house either. The one thing that still remains is his poor tail. He’s beat the end of it raw and bloody (always a hazard of having wire kennels) and it pretty sore for him. We had been keeping it wrapped with some ointment on it, but he decided on Saturday that he didn’t want to keep it wrapped up anymore.  But it’s looking *much* better than it was, and appears to be healing. It also isn’t quite as “slingy” with the blood any more. For a while I would have had a hard time convincing someone that my house wasn’t a brutal crime scene.

I had my week one weigh-in a Fleet Feet and managed to some how lose 2 pounds, despite some craptacular eating and no exercise on my part. I need to get on the exercise band wagon again, but it’s been hard the last week with working two jobs, and then the additional vet appointments. Also, I made a huge push to get the house fairly neat before I started working at the tax office, so that took sometime. I did find my FitBit, so I have that all cleaned up and charged and will be wearing it to monitor my sleeps and steps. I’m also trying to be better about using MyFitnessPal, but that’s pretty much hit or miss around here.

All in all, the past week or so hasn’t been too bad. I know I need to be a better blogger, so that is definitely something I will be working on. But hopefully I will have much more exciting things to fill you in on as well!


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