What a Week

This week has felt a little crazy-Monday and Tuesday were beautiful with highs in the 80’s but then Wednesday morning it was snowing. What the hell right? Then yesterday was really nice with highs in the 60’s, and today it’s warmer, but fairly windy out.

I will get my race recap up here shortly. I thought it was a pretty good little race, but I was feeling it the next two days! Tuesday I went out for a 2 mile run with the dog, and then last night I took her out again for three miles. I had some ankle/foot and hip pain during the run, and they are a little on the cranky side today, so I will have to see how I feel come Sunday, before heading out again.

I haven’t been to yoga in forever, and I really need to get back. However, since I’m doing taxes right now, and taking the dog on most of my runs because she needs the exercise just as much as I do (I’m trying to curb her slightly destructive tendencies-I don’t want to have to replace anything else) I can really only run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and weekends. And then only Sunday if I’m working Saturday. So I can’t wait for tax season to be over with, so I can re-work my workout schedule.

My last couple of weigh-ins didn’t go so well, but I feel like I did a bit better this week, so I’m hoping to see some kind of change. I really need/want to try out the metabolic testing that they offer, just so I can see where I should be, roughly. Sometimes I think I’m not consuming enough calories to lose weight and sometimes I feel like what I eat is detrimental to my success. So I’m never sure.

Anyways, I order a sample pack from the Honest Company. I’ve read a few reviews and every one of them said some pretty good things about the products, so once I get them and give them a whirl I will let you know.

Tonight, it’s Margarita Friday for my Grandpa’s birthday, and then tomorrow I have to work. Then Sunday is my niece’s birthday party, so my weekend is pretty booked as it is. I hope I find time to get in a run or make it to yoga sometime, because I can really use both!


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