And I’m Sickly

Happy first day of Spring!!

So glad winter is finally officially out of here. Now I just hope that it stays Spring out, and doesn’t revert back to winter like we had a few times last year (I think it was last year at least).

But lucky me-I believe I am battling what is a sinus infection. Tuesday afternoon I started getting that sneezing tickle-like feel that typically precede the stuffy nose that comes with a sinus infection. Which is a bummer. I grabbed to Power-C Boost juices when I stopped at the grocery store Tuesday evening in hopes of warding it off or at least attempting to put as much vitamin C in my body as possible. Then I downed one as soon as I got home and took a small dose of NyQuil before bed, but woke up feeling blah. So I tried some allergy medicine and some day time cold and sinus meds, but those didn’t seem to help. Especially the allergy medicine, since I had a massive allergy attack later in the day. So I took more allergy meds and daytime cold and sinus meds. I figured I’d probably have a heart attack considering how much medicine I took over the course of the day.

Now here we are a few days later and it seems to have moved from one side of my head to the other. Thank goodness my Honest Co. sampler box arrived because I have a feeling I am going to be putting the healing balm to good use.  My nose and lips are getting so dried out and chapped from constantly blowing and wiping my nose it’s ridiculous.

I have the whole weekend off, and I can’t begin to tell you how much that excites me. The past couple weekends I’ve either had to work, or I’ve had something else going on that takes up the majority of my day. I’m kicking things off by getting a manicure and pedicure at a new to me salon in Chesterfield. They are supposed to have Zoya polish, which is a “3-free” polish, meaning it doesn’t contain the bad for you chemicals that most polish has. Also, based on the reviews I’ve read for the polish, it apparently is very long-lasting. So I’m looking forward to that. Then it’s home to really CLEAN my house up, since two certain doggies are hell-bent on destroying it at least once a week. I bought some more hangers, because I ran out, and some one decided those would be fun to chew up. Plus all the poor tennis balls and stuffies some other dog has decided to disembowel on a daily basis means lots of little pieces of fluff and rubber laying around pretty much every room of the house. All in all, the house is just a mess.

I would also like to take a little time this weekend and organize both my pantry and our closet. I want to get some of those bins, and use those for my shoes, so they aren’t piled up on the floor and spilling out into the bed room. Cleaning my car out is another must happen this weekend. It’s absolutely filthy, and having the chance to start warm weather off with a nice clean car would be fantastic!

Also, there are obviously a couple posts that I need to get up (eh hem, race recap!) so I might take a few minutes and get those together.

All in all, I’m hoping to have a fantastic weekend and I hope you all do the same!


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