April Showers

I am so glad that the weather is finally warming up some. And doing so in a consistent manner, versus being really nice for one day and then super cold and crappy the next. Only three more working days until tax season is over (for me) and then I can get back into some kind of routine.

While I only work a few days out of the week during tax season, there is something about it that throws everything off. If I want to go running, I have to do it on days that I would normally go to yoga on. And since I’ve been trying to take the dog running with me, that doesn’t really work out for yoga since she is at home, and yoga is a good 30 or so minutes away.

Then add in the fact that each weekend I am working or doing something that takes up a majority of one day during the weekend, or both days even, it’s a little hard to do my bulk house cleaning. Not to mention that is a little difficult to clean house when you have the dog equivalent of a two year old running around your house. And since I don’t have a completely fenced in back yard, he can only go out on a leash. Which means he doesn’t get to burn off all that excess, pent up energy he has going on. There are dog parks, but a) he isn’t fixed yet and b) a lot of the owners at these dog parks don’t pay attention to the dogs nor do they understand the signs that a dog isn’t ready for such stimulus like a dog park. So we really don’t frequent those. Rusty does have an appointment next week, so we will be checking on neutering and get some kind of time line down on that, and then it’s simply a matter of getting fixed and healed up (fingers crossed for a negative heartworm test!) and he gets to come down to work where he has a big fenced yard to run in and lots of people to pay attention and give him love. He is a very good dog, and I think he will be so much happier down here and not cooped up in a kennel for the majority of the day.

I hope to spend the rest of this week and weekend planning menus, cleaning, and getting things sorted out so that once tax season is officially done for me, I can step right into the routine I need and want to have and don’t have to worry about anything else!


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