I can’t believe it’s nearly May! Where did all the time go?

Tax season is finally over (has been for a week now!) and I’ve been focusing on getting things organized around the house. The past few weekends have been pretty busy and I feel like I’m hardly at home sometimes. But I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Easter weekend was pretty good, I had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. I went to the new fabric shop that opened recently and got some really cute new fabrics and had lunch with my sister. Saturday I did a little running around and rode with M in the tractor for a while. Later we ran to the grocery shop and got the fixings to make Baja Chicken Gorditas at home. They were so good!

Also, I’d like to know how I’ve managed to live my life without the goodness of freshly grated parmesan cheese! Holy cow that stuff is so freaking good. We’ve pretty much decided that we can never have old-school sprinkle cheese ever again.

Sunday was of course Easter, and we went over to the in-laws for breakfast first. We hung out there for a few hours, then came home dropped the dogs off and went to my parents for Easter dinner. We watched a couple of movies and some TV, went on our own egg hunt, and had a pretty delicious dinner that my sister and I had planned out.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend and I’ve been spending the past few days catching up on house work after regular work. I’m looking forward to this weekend, which will hold clay bird shooting and dog training. I also want to get some pictures done, quilt blocks cut, and a whole crap load of other stuff, but we shall see what the weekend holds in store!


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