Weekend Wrap Up

I had a pretty fantastic weekend, and it actually kicked off on Thursday evening, when I stopped by our local Fleet Feet to check some stuff out/kill time before dinner. Of course I spent money there and got some pretty sweet compression socks and a couple of tubes of watermelon Nuun (because that is my favorite flavor and it is typically only available during the summer). Low and behold the sales lady who was chatting with me turned out to be the author of one of my favorite books, The Lola Papers, Amy Marxkors! It was really nice to get to meet her, and I probably geeked out about way more than I ever have about any other famous person I’ve met. She was so adorable and sweet! She has a new book out about Iron(wo)man Teri Griege, entitled Powered by Hope: The Teri Griege Story. I haven’t read that one yet, but I may have to check it out.

After that excitement we had dinner since Friday was Halloween, and no one could make it. Then it was home to bed. Friday I worked of course then stopped off and got some candy and a new Crockpot before picking up dinner for the boys and eating White Castles in the dark next to a corn field (much excitement!). Then home to greet my trick or treaters and eat some candy and watch TV.

Saturday I got up and cleaned up the house some before heading out to catch the 9 a.m. Yogi’s Unite class. Unfortunately I missed that one by a minute and waited around until the 10:30 Yoga Basics class, which still provided a nice stretch for the day. I thought about running while I was there, but deemed it to chilly and instead waited until later in the day and headed out to Indian Camp Creek to run two miles before going to the grocery store.

I really tried to focus on my pacing for this run, and while the first mile wasn’t exactly what I wanted (16:46), I pushed a lot harder the second mile to maintain a pace under 16 minutes and squeaked by with a 15:52 mile. That brought my two-mile run to a total of 32:38 for an average pace of 16:20 per mile. I didn’t walk once and pushed myself up the hill at the end even though I desperately wanted to slow down. I’m pretty pleased with this run considering it’s my first run back after doing the half-marathon last month. I’m going to work on setting goals for most of my runs, like trying to maintain a certain pace or hit a certain time and I want to work on doing that in my races this year as well.

Sunday started out both nicely and a little rough. We had breakfast with some friends and then headed home where I got the pleasure of taking apart our sump pump and scrubbing it out and vacuuming out the pit. Then I got to spray for spiders, which seem really bad this fall. After that it was turkey breast in the crock pot and laundry. Instead of folding each individual load as it came out of the dryer, I just dumped it all on the bed and then folded it all at once before bedtime. I think it helped in not getting tired of stopping what ever I was doing and folding clothes and towels. Then M finally got home and we had turkey, mashed potatoes, and green beans for dinner. I used a McCormicks packet gravy mix and I swear it tasted just like stuffing mix! I actually used some on my mashed potatoes and I am typically anti-gravy 100%.

Now just to make it through this last hour and a half before heading home!


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