Over It

I’m so over the snow and ice and all that other shit. I’m ready for warmer weather and longer sun shine hours. So I am very excited to hear that it is FINALLY going to start warming up this weekend.

Of course I’m sure by this time next week I will be bitching because of all the mud and general dampness that is coming due to all the melting snow and thawing of the ground. But I can’t wait to run outside and get back on my bike again.

I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t really been doing anything all that exciting. Valentine’s Day was probably the last time we did anything exciting at all, which means we hit up the art museum, wandered around Delmar Loop, hit up the tattoo parlor(!!!), and then had dinner at a place called Sauce on the Side (so good, look it up and get there asap). Other than that I’ve just been doing taxes, mapping out the races I want to do this year, and trying to keep my house clean. Because that is a never-ending job.

My first race of the year is coming up this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it. Saturday is going to be so busy! I have my race in the morning, then I have to squeeze in some shopping for groceries and a birthday party, then go to said birthday party, then go to a wedding. My hairstylist/friend was planning on getting married in October, but her sister, who works out of the country, will be back in town this weekend, so they moved the whole shebang up to Saturday. I’m looking forward to it and then their general reception that they will be having in October. Sunday is Lion’s Club breakfast day and then later in the afternoon we will be going to a gender reveal party. So I have a crazy busy weekend planned.

I’m hoping my next several weekends aren’t quite as hectic, because I know last year it seemed like I never had time to do anything I really wanted to do because there was always something going on that we needed to attend. And that was nearly too much. I’m most certainly looking forward to tax season being over so that my weeks become normal again. Working three days during the week is a little tough on me, considering I have a regular 40-hour a week job that eats up so much of my time. I feel like I’m never home and I never have a chance to check anything off my to-do list. But enough whining about all that.

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve listed a little ol’ triathlon there on my list of races for 2015. I feel like my area doesn’t offer much in way of races with medals, or a variety of events, so I generally do the same things over and over again. I get so jealous looking at some folks who get medals for every 5k they do! The midwest needs to step up their race bling game. Can’t wait to start training for that.

I’ve been trying to be a little healthier (key word: trying) but haven’t necessarily been succeeding at that. I have managed to lose and keep off about 5 pounds since the beginning of the year with no real exercise or structured diet going on. The worst part of working three days out of the week in the evening is that it doesn’t leave me much time, if any, to make anything once I get home.  I’ve been making my dinner calendars, but they are pretty sparse as far as meals go.

Working on paying off debt with my little snowball plan is going alright. I need to focus a little more on keeping better track of my money and where it’s all going but I’ve managed to stick with it pretty well and keep on top of things. The worst part is that I forget about stuff and then realize two weeks later that I did such things. So I try to keep that stuff scheduled in a calendar to stay on track. I do have a couple of bills set up to come out automatically, but since I don’t have set paydays, the thought of doing that for all my bills is a little scary. I fear that all my bills would go through and then I wouldn’t have any money to cover them or the rest of my expenses until I got paid again. I’m looking forward to being mostly debt-free though. I don’t know that I will live totally debt-free, because 100% isn’t a huge goal of mine, and I don’t mind making a house payment or car payment necessarily. But the credit card debit, it has got to go! And stay away. Plus, when I look at the amount of money I’m spending on these things, it blows my mind. I looked at my W-2 when I got it and was thinking, “I make good money, I just don’t understand where it all goes?” In reality, I know where most of it goes, but because I’m not careful enough at keeping track of it, I always feel like I “run out” so fast sometimes. But it’s definitely something I am focusing on this year and am looking forward to the progress that I will be making.

Well, I certainly found plenty to write about, so I guess I will leave some ideas in my brain for later!


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